Kitsch and Kismet

There’s always a silver lining to fate. Mine began with a severe hearing loss at birth. Sound was like chaos and mouths flapping often left me clueless and anxious. Relief came when staring out the window safe in the backseat of the car. Neon signs, people walking the streets, cats perched on walls all filled my visual Rolodex over the years. The 1964 summer car trip from Fresno to Acapulco, Mexico in 1964; A 1980 a tour bus in Cairo; and up and down the Central Valley California 99 freeway with the miles of oleander dividers, vineyards and the old Orange Juice stands. All come to mind like yesterday. Images and their memories become raw material for creating stories. In my work under Kismet the juxtaposition of images explore fate and luck, love in all its forms, and religious and cultural icons.