Into the Wild Blue Yonder Post Covid-19

Into the Wild Blue Yonder Post Covid-19   Letting go. Comes down to that. Call it ultimate freedom. Like the moment of reckoning at the edge of the pool. Just jump that voice says, then the ever awake critic says: “Oh it’s cold".  You’re scared. I can sense it. That shock to the skin and the quickening of your heart followed by the

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Creativity and Corona Virus

Creativity and Coronavirus   Some of you are familiar with the  sources of my inspiration; my Armenian culture, Spirituality and Healing. The corona virus pandemic has collectively disrupted our lives and routine while leaving us with abundant time.  I’m one of those people welcoming the isolation, tuning into the creative process and finding peace and connection while the storm rages above. There is

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The Armenian Experience

The Armenian Experience Each of the women embody strength, perseverance and resiliency. Who was she? Who is she? Who will she become? Satinik Satinik represents the woman of my past, escaping the Genocide. Headless, she is any and every woman who trudged through the desert, defended her village as a

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