“We all have a story to tell” – Lorraine Kaye Peters

I work in a Narrative style where every painting tells a story. Inspiration can come from Armenian manuscripts, Jungian archetypes, Catholic icons, Mexican folk art, poetry, pop culture, and Deaf language and idioms.

I am best known for my portraits of fictitious subjects that serve as the focal point with the remaining part of the painting developed through process. These paintings change and evolve sometimes taking months to complete.

My background and experiences influence the stories of my paintings.  I was born deaf in an Armenian family with strong ties to the Apostolic Church.  As a child I struggled to hear and became an acute observer of people and my surroundings.  I later trained and worked as a Psychotherapist for 30 years with hearing, deaf and deaf/blind, In addition I taught art to deaf children.

I’m drawn to the spiritual essence of Native American and early Christian attributes of the natural world. Hence, Ravens, swallows, pomegranates, roses and butterflies are common images in my paintings. 

The making of art affords me the means of centering, healing and resolution. Ongoing themes in my work are transformation and rebirth; universal and timeless for individuals that seek to understand the mystery of their lives.

I have studied with Kerry James Marshall, Stewart Cubley of The Painting Experience. the late Glenn Hirsch and Pamela Lanza., 

Lorraine Kaye Peters